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Nostalgia in music is not only for songs and lyrics but also of the players and devices that generate the musical magic. The golden age of Boom Box is coming back! Yes, we can’t forget them. We can’t forget the history when Boom boxes became associated with urban societies, particularly Afrikan-American and Hispanics in the United States. Taking the notorious name as ‘Ghetto Blaster’, later, there came a huge backlash against it to be played at the streets due to increasing popularity of Hip-Hop culture and break dance.

Today in the modern digital world, when audio cassettes are defunct, various electronic giants like Sony, Philips and smaller research-based companies are developing wireless, USB based and even NFC connected boomboxes. In all this crowd, there are some, which set itself apart from the crowd. While technology became hygiene for Bluetooth and wireless speakers, iHomeAudio designed their iP4 Audio System which helped them bag the prestigious Red Dot Award 2017.

Boom Box1

As a modern redesign of the iconic boom box of the 1980s, the iP4 audio system combines yesterday’s look with today’s technology. Elements with pure design and shapes like rounds, rectangle and lines, renders it with a  functional design feel. Beneath the rubberised surface, the device features specially designed carbon fibre woofers, a highly efficient class-D amplifier, and digital sound processing developed and licensed by SRS Labs. iP4 Boombox is really going to please your ears transporting you to the 80’s nostalgic moment and not to mention the candy colors that are treat to your eyes. Additional features include a magnetically attached remote control, a five-band graphic equaliser, and an output-level indicator.

Ip4 Audio System

Easy to dock in your iPhone and in no time your phone transforms into a magical powerhouse. Time to relive the past with a modern digital technology. Get free-spirited, carry one to the nearby park or when visiting the riverside or a sea beach. Occasions are unlimited, so why to wait? Possibly its still not available in your country, at least not in India yet. I am verifying if Amazon can ship this from the United States.

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