Top 5 Double Edge Razor Blades

Young Indian male might consider it to be his daddy’s device, but in reality, double-edged razor blades have always been in fashion. Due to heavy promotion from mighty brands on cartridge-based shaving system, Indian men consider operating double edge razor cumbersome, maybe non-aspirational too.

I am listing out Top-5 double edge razor blades that give tough competition in providing you close, comfortable shave, to any cartridge shaving system provided you make:

  1. The right selection of blade based on your beard type: Sharp edge vs Smooth Edge
  2. Skill level of using a double edge safety razor: Trust me its fun to learn and you enjoy more you shave
  3. Preparation for the shave: Do the ritual of Pre-Barba, wash your face and quick massage with pre-shave lotion

The below list is based on my experience and reviews from some dedicated men’s shaving websites:


Highly sharp edges but they have smooth character too. Due to this, I get close and comfortable shaves with reduced nicks and cuts. Very durable edges and I get 6-8 shaves out of one blade.


Though extremely sharp and rated highest on some men’s shaving websites, I found it bit too aggressive even when my beard is very hard. It gives a number of nicks and cuts compared to Polsilver. Recommend using it if you are advanced in shaving skills.


Sharp yet smooth, almost like Polsilver, but comparatively bit more expensive, hence ranked at no.3.


Sharp and durable, double-edged blades. One blade can give multiple smooth shaves hence though being the most expensive on this list, somehow manages to provide a good deal.


Teflon coated edges makes it smooth with less irritating edges. Excellent for men with less dense, soft beard. I have tried on my hard beard and it gives smooth and comfortable shave without too much burning sensation. Though a blade may not last multiple shaves for me, at <20 INR/each, this Russian is a worth try.

Thank you for reading the article, I am sure this will inspire you to try the old school charm and pick up that skilful razor again.

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Please leave your comments, like or appreciation below.


  1. After about one year of usage, I still vote for PolSilver. Even though Astra equals it in sharpness but given its extra agressive edges, it leaves with multiple nicks and cuts everytime I shave.


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